If you’re thinking of opening a bartending school franchise in Pensacola, you’re putting yourself in a prime position to provide well-trained workers to the booming beachside hospitality industry. While the bulk of your business will come from aspiring bartenders who hope to serve the 2.1 million annual visitors to Pensacola’s beaches, there are some additional opportunities to generate income. Here are three other ways you can increase your cash flow as the owner of your own franchise of Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing.

1. Private Parties

When a bar or restaurant hosts a private party, that establishment has its own team of wait staff to take care of guests, but what about parties taking place at residential locations? A party host already has his or her hands full keeping attendees entertained, which is why it’s quite common to hire a bartender to keep glasses full for the entire evening. As the owner of a bartending school franchise in Pensacola, you can create additional revenue streams by offering some of your more advanced students at a much more affordable rate.

2. Consulting

In the hospitality industry, a business is only as good as its employees. If a bar owner isn’t happy with the skills of the bartending staff, he or she could fire everyone and start over, but why not avoid that headache by bringing employees up to snuff? As the owner of a school, you could offer your services to struggling establishments and also create a pipeline for the placement of future graduates.

3. Workshops

Your bartending school franchise in Pensacola will see its share of aspiring professional mixologists, but you should consider opening your doors to anyone who has an interest in cocktails. By offering workshops, you can bring in companies in search of team building activities or groups of individual people looking to have a good time learning recipes and flair techniques.

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These are just a few of the opportunities available to Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing franchise owners, but don’t hesitate to get creative in your search for new revenue streams. To learn more about the company’s programs or apply to be the owner of your own bartending school franchise in Pensacola, fill out the online application form or call 786-444-5364 today.