With more than 8 miles of pristine gulf-coast beach, Pensacola is a year-round destination for people of all ages. Wherever tourists flock, an entire network of hospitality establishments follow to meet their needs, and all of those businesses need quality employees. As the owner of a business that trains workers for such a bustling service industry, you have a real opportunity for a significant financial windfall. Here’s a look at why you should think about buying a franchise for an Elite Bartending School Franchise in Pensacola.

Reasonable Expenses

For some businesses, opening a franchise involves paying hefty fees to the company and making a significant investment in specialized equipment. With such a big financial hole, it can take years for franchisees to start earning real money, but that’s not the case when you open a Pensacola bartending school franchise. Low franchising fees and minimal startup costs mean you have a much shorter journey to profitability.

Top-Notch Training

As an industry leader in the hospitality training industry, Elite provides the best possible education for every student, which is why it’s important to ensure proper training for franchisees. You’ll get to spend significant time at an established school and supplement it with additional attention at your location. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be ready to successfully run a bartending school in Pensacola.

The Power of Reputation

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising for any business, and Elite Bartending School has a reputation for placing students in successful situations. This esteemed standing in the industry allowed the company to expand beyond the original Miami location to include markets such as Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando and the Florida Keys in just 11 years. As a franchise owner, you’ll be primed to meet the educational needs of anyone who hopes to create cocktails in Pensacola.

Apply Today

Now you know some of the great reasons to open a bartending school in Pensacola, it’s time to get your feet wet in the year-round hospitality industry. To learn more about Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing or ask questions about becoming a franchisee, contact the main office today at 786-444-5364 or fill out the online application form.