Now is the perfect time to franchise a bartending school in Florida, as bartending occupations continue to increase, and more employers require professionally trained staff. Here a few benefits you get from opening a bartending school franchise with Elite.

Failproof Business Strategy

Elite’s well-established schools in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, Fort Meyers, and Orlando implement proven methods that effectively transform new students to bartending rock stars. You can be another top bartending school franchise in Florida simply by applying our winning curriculum and business strategy. You’ll also be privy to receiving event staffing opportunities in your area for private bar rentals and corporate event needs.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

When you franchise a bartending school in Florida, you can attract top restaurants, nightclubs, and catering businesses that need to hire expertly trained employees. As word gets around about your stellar staffing ability, you’ll quickly earn a reputation among industry leaders around the state.

Exceptional Service

Elite offers you the best possible training and startup support to help you succeed. You, in turn, pass the torch to hundreds of students who leave your school feeling confident and prepared. Plus, you can also offer bartending and catering services to paying customers by leveraging your established talent pool.

Success at Your Fingertips

Elite’s hands-on approach to training is an engine that can drive your success – all you need to do is grab the wheel. So, put your career in gear by visiting Elite Bartending School and Event Staffing online and submitting your application to franchise a bartending school in Florida. Call Elite directly at (786) 444-5364.